Announcement of New General Council

Felician Sisters announce General Council results from Rome and receive an address from Pope Francis.

The Felician Sisters’ General Chapter, convened every six years in Rome, Italy under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, represents the entire Congregation as a symbol of unity and love, serving as its highest legislative authority. The General Chapter’s primary responsibilities include promoting renewal in accordance with the spirit of Blessed Mary Angela and electing the minister general and her councilors.

We are pleased to announce the re-election of Sister Danat Marie Brysch, Minister General (Our Lady of Mediatrix of Graces, Rome, Italy and Our Lady of Hope Province, Beaver Falls, PA), and Sister Elaine Marie Frigo, Vicar General (Our Lady of Mediatrix of Graces, Rome, Italy and Our Lady of Hope Province, Beaver Falls, PA), for another six years.

Additionally, we introduce the newly elected General Councilors:

Sister Constance Marie Tomyl (Our Lady of Hope Province, Beaver Falls, PA)

Sister Wirginia Nowak (Warsaw Province)

Sister Berenika Komorowska (Kraków Province)

Sister Christella Skwarek (Warsaw Province)

The General Council serves as the governing body of the Felician Sisters, providing spiritual and administrative leadership, setting policies, and supporting provinces and regions. They also represent the congregation within the wider Church and external organizations.

Pope Francis addressed and offered encouragement to participating Felician Sisters in the general chapter:

“Sophia Camille Truszkowska, later known as Blessed Mary Angela, founded the Felician Sisters in Warsaw, in a Poland troubled by war, to serve children, disabled persons and young people at risk. What strikes us about these beginnings is the episode in which, faced with the escalation of armed conflicts, she and her sisters decided to care for all the wounded, regardless of their allegiance. This led to accusations of treason and the suppression of their work by the civil authorities. Providence, however, later intervened to revive and, perhaps thanks to their courageous sacrifice, to spread their apostolate even further, across the ocean to America, always driven by the impulse of service, this time for the assistance of Polish migrants. Since then, these efforts have extended to many other parts of the world. This is an important sign for you, especially as you celebrate the Chapter: a sign that invites you not to fear losing the security of structures and institutions, in order to remain faithful to charity! It will be good for you to keep this in mind during your meetings, to remind yourselves that structures are not the essence, they are only a means. What is essential is the love of God and neighbor, exercised with generosity and in freedom, according to the words of Saint Paul that you have chosen as a guide for your work: “For the love of Christ urges us on.” 

The re-election and election of council members signify renewal and continuity in the congregation’s mission to serve the Church and society. Please join us in celebrating these appointments and supporting our leaders with your prayers and encouragement.

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Serving where needed since 1874

Founded in Poland in 1855, the Felician Sisters are a congregation of women religious inspired by the spiritual ideals of their foundress, Blessed Mary Angela Truszkowska, and Saints Francis of Assisi, Clare of Assisi and Felix of Cantalice. Arriving in North America in 1874 following Blessed Mary Angela’s directive “to serve where needed,” they helped to weave the social service system. Today, the Felician Sisters founded, sponsor or support through the presence of our sisters, more than 40 ministries – all continuing to evolve to meet the needs of the people they serve.

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