Celebrations During Catholic Schools Week

Explore the rich celebrations of Catholic Schools Week and discover the unity of faith and community in education.

National Catholic Schools Week celebrated its 50th anniversary as an annual tribute to Catholic education in the United States. From January 28 to February 3, schools participated in traditional CSW activities, including Masses, assemblies, and events for students, families, parishioners and the community. The theme this year was “Catholic Schools: United in Faith and Community.” The aim each year is to showcase the unique qualities of Catholic schools and encourage schools to share experiences and ideas. We highlight a few of the schools that carry a legacy of the Felician Sisters and how they celebrated the week.

Saint Joseph School, Webster, ME, celebrated a Migration Mass held at the Saint Joseph Basilica. Themed “We’re in this Together,” the Mass beautifully celebrated Catholic education and the cultural diversity of the students. Flags representing various countries, including the U.S.A, Brazil, Canada, France, Poland, Puerto Rico, and Kenya, were carried in a procession, symbolizing the rich tapestry of backgrounds within the school community. The songs of the Saint Joseph School Children’s Choir filled the Basilica, adding to the sense of unity and joy. Prayers of the faithful were spoken in Swahili, Polish, Arabic, Spanish and English, highlighting the global reach and inclusivity of the event. The Mass served as a reminder of the core values of Catholic education—faith, community and diversity—coming together in a harmonious celebration.

Montessori Center of Our Lady (MCOL), Livonia, MI, celebrated Catholic Schools Week with gratitude and community spirit. Embracing the theme “United in Faith and Community,” they showed daily appreciation to the community for their steadfast support in nurturing a Catholic Montessori education over the past 47 years. Students crafted touching “thank you” cards for their parents, expressing joy for shared moments. They invited readers to explore their blog, fostering unity within their community. Additionally, goodie bags filled with treats were handed out to families.

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart High School (OLSH), Coraopolis, PA, commemorated the week with school decorations, engaging activities and expressions of gratitude. The Advancement team adorned the school for the Charger Challenge and Catholic Schools Week, involving students in the creative process. On St. Thomas Aquinas’s Feast Day, January 28th, the school reflected on his influence in Catholic education. On Faith Appreciation Day, OLSH emphasized the significance of weekly Mass in sending forth students to spread love and practice their faith. These events, and more, showcased OLSH’s commitment to fostering a strong faith community.

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